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  • the perfect way to prepare your hair for coloring with khadi Natural Hair Color
  • delivers long-lasting hair color, especially when you transition from a very fair shade/gray to a darker Color
  • creates a base color ranging from warm blond to intense copper
  • only use khadi Color Prep in connection with a shade for which it is recommended
  • 100% natural, vegan and free from synthetic ingredients


Product information "Natural Hair Color Color Prep"

khadi Color Prep makes it easier than ever before to prepare your hair for coloring. Every hair color is naturally unique – and so are khadi Natural Hair Colors. khadi Color Prep prepares your hair for coloring with khadi Natural Hair Color and helps you achieve consistent, reliable results, especially when you transition from a very fair shade to a darker color. Discover the two most important applications of this product under “Application.”

khadi Color Prep is more than just a color-intensifying pre-pigmentation for your favorite hair color; it also contains senna/cassia, which is like a revitalizing keratin treatment for your hair. It strengthens and protects your hair and smooths damaged strands. Ziziphus moisturizes your hair, using a traditional Ayurvedic method to restore its natural shine from the inside out. Henna helps create the warm blond or intense copper that makes the perfect base color for long-lasting coloring in dark, ashy shades. It also soothes the scalp and strengthens the hair from root to tip.

khadi Color Prep: the perfect base for consistent, reliable color results
As a first step in transitioning from a very fair shade to a very dark color, we recommend that you prepare your hair with khadi Color Prep: the finely ground powder contains nothing but high-potency plant-based ingredients, and it colors your hair in shades ranging from warm golden blond to intense copper. This base color is perfect way to prepare your hair for coloring with khadi Natural Hair Color. This first layer of warm color provides the ideal base for the cool shade you plan to apply. Additionally, pre-pigmenting your hair with khadi Color Prep strengthens the intensity of the color you choose and ensures that it stays brilliant for a long time!


From very light to dark

khadi Natural Hair Color is brilliant and long-lasting. Using khadi Color Prep on very fair hair will help to produce more intense results. khadi Color Prep pre-pigments the hair and provides the perfect base for transitioning from a very fair shade to a darker color.

Touching up roots / previous chemical coloring

We all know the feeling: as your hair grows out after chemical coloring, the contrast between your roots and the dye becomes very obvious! As a base color, khadi Color Prep lends your roots a warm golden blond or intense copper hue, making it the perfect preparation for coloring your hair with your desired shade of khadi Natural Hair Color. It creates a much smoother transition between your roots and your chosen shade and provides excellent gray coverage.


1. Wash your hair with one of the khadi Natural Shampoos.

TIP: Use khadi Deep Charcoal Cleanse hair mask to remove any synthetic residue left on your hair by chemical dyes or silicone-based products, if necessary.

2. Mix khadi Color Prep with warm water (80°C) to make a cream.

3. Carefully apply it to your hair just as you would apply khadi Natural Hair Color.

4. Leave khadi Color Prep in for 60 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. Select the khadi Natural Hair Color you like best, and follow the application instructions to color your hair.

Safety instructions: Only apply to unbroken skin and avoid direct contact with eyes. The powder is extremely fine – do not inhale the dust. Once you have mixed the powder, allow it to cool to a comfortable temperature before applying.


Cassia auriculata leaf powder*, Lawsonia inermis leaf powder*, Ziziphus jujuba leaf powder*, Ziziphus spina-christi leaf powder*. 100 % organic of total * from organic agriculture


In Ayurveda, henna is considered a rejuvenating miracle ingredient that prevents premature graying. It lends your hair color, moisture, and shine: Henna wraps itself around your hair like a protective coating, strengthening it from root to tip. The intense, orange-red pigment makes the perfect base for long-lasting colors. The henna in khadi Color Prep ensures that your color will stay brilliant for a long time.

Ziziphus provides an extra moisture boost, revitalizing your hair and improving its elasticity. Its regenerating energy gives you soft, voluminous hair that shimmers! Enjoy gorgeous shine that you can see AND feel.

Senna/Cassia helps improve the structure of your hair over the long term, bringing drab, tired hair back to full vitality. It has a unique nourishing effect, wrapping itself around your hair like a keratin treatment and strengthening and revitalizing it, especially if your hair has been chemically treated or damaged in the past. This protective coating gives your hair noticeably more volume.

You can learn more about the incredible power of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs in the khadi ingredient lexicon.

The power of Ayurveda – the oldest naturopathy in the world – will amaze you. Our khadi Color Prep is certified according to the strict guidelines of the international COSMOS standard AISBL for organic and natural cosmetic products and is regularly checked for quality according to the specifications of the European Cosmetics Regulation.

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