Hello my name is Carolien de Kort I am the owner of Right Change.

I will help your company transform to an organisation with happier people who produce better quality more quickly. I will do this with a personal authentic style, I am highly adaptive, have an enormous energy, I am a sensible entrepreneurial, a thought servant leader, a strong bridge builder, I am intuitive proactive, a complex problem solver, a continuous improver, influential at all levels, I negotiate to get things done, I am a long lasting team and relationship builder, I am an enthusiastic facilitator, I am strong in coaching, I love teaching and sharing knowledge.

My attitude; Curious by Nature, Driven by Default, Together we Thrive, There is always a Solution, Constantly Learning, Love Life, The Truth is Always Better.

I am fascinated by IT and business transformations, passionate about making happy and productive workplaces all over the world.

With these values I go to work; Commitment to succeed, in work that adds value to people and the world, with trust and personal responsibility. 

I have vast experience in transforming teams.

Happy people produce better quality more quickly!

We learn best by doing

Applying knowledge from sound education


Picture by Esther de Best