Transformation services

A 3 step appraoch to build to a transformation model that fits you company.

1. Observe

First step is to observe in Japanese: Genchi Genbutsu (現地現物) literally translates “real location, real thing”. It is a key principle of the Toyota Production System. This system is a major precursor of the more generic “Lean manufacturing”.

Genchi Genbutsu suggests that in order to truly understand a situation one needs to observe what is happening at the site where work actually takes place.


2. Reflect

Next step is to reflect, where the pain points in your Organisation are and what their root cause is.

Reflect is a clear report with problem statements and root cause analysis. The following 6 area’s are observed and reflected upon;

1. Time to market

2. Return on investment

3. Risk

4. Innovation

5. Customer satisfaction

6. Employee engagement

Does this step seem trivial to you?

To successfully change your organisation to be Agile and to sustain it. It is essential to understand what your companies pain points and their root causes are. Then you can make The Right Changes.

During the transformation and after you will infinitely loop in these steps; Observe, Reflect, Make. It is the basis of continues improvement. In order to succeed continues improvement needs to be part of your company’s culture and DNA. Where DNA is your strategy, mission, vision, processes, procedures and way of working.


3. Make

The next step is to make your transformation plan. It’s kind of like baking. While recipes are a great way to start. You need to fine tune them to your taste. Let me explain as we are surely not baking here.

There are several techniques that adres faster time to market, an earlier ROI, reduced risk, an increase of innovation, higher customer satisfaction and engaged happy employees.

The trick is to apply and shape those techniques to adres your specific pain points and root causes.

Step 3. Make builds on step 1. Observe & 2. Reflect. Make is an initial transformation plan. It clearly states how to implement which techniques referring back to your company’s pain points and their root causes.


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Picture by Esther de Best